KEF LS60 Wireless Review: An Absolute Triumph

The ultra-slim profile and interior-design-friendly aesthetic belies the facility and authority of the efficiency. In the sector of floor-standing audio system they’re tiny, however as everyone knows, it’s bad to underestimate the little man in a combat.

In preserving with the diamond birthday theme, we kick off our listening with 1961 doo-wop sensation “Runaway,” via Del Shannon, and we’re instantly struck via the readability and breadth of the soundstage, with Max Crook’s Musitron solo stabbing throughout the combine. 

The audio system be offering unbridled a laugh and baggage of enthusiasm. That may cause them to sound like a Labrador pet, however they’re extra corresponding to that buddy whose tireless pursuit of latest and thrilling tune is unavoidably infectious.

Similarly, if the Tidal Master recording of Elvis Presley’s 1961 chart topper “Are You Lonesome Tonight” doesn’t go away you misty-eyed and short of to offer your nearest and dearest a cuddle, neatly, you’re merely no longer human. The LS60 Wireless’ flawless execution places you on the middle of the recording, enveloping you fantastically, and regardless of the less-than-demo-room-perfect speaker positioning on this reviewer’s standard residing house, the candy spot was once monumental, nearly to the purpose of nonexistence.

John Coltrane’s 1961 recording of “My Favorite Things,” additionally a Tidal Master, once more highlights the speaker’s skill to unbox a recording with utter precision. If you need to concentrate on Elvin Jones’ drumming or McCoy Tyner’s piano, you’ll, or simply sit down again, faucet your toes, and shower within the brilliance of all of it.

Whatever we performed via them, the LS60 Wireless delivered, and we’re in awe of ways neatly the slim audio system can deal with bass. Every thud, thwack, and wallop comes at you relentlessly, and regardless of the birthday-themed ’60s thread, we urge you to play hours of early ’90s drum & bass via them.

Are they in point of fact that excellent? Yes, however we caveat this remark with a few issues.

Firstly, we skilled occasional dropouts within the sign between grasp and slave speaker. The secondary speaker would glitch and drop the sign for a couple of seconds, regardless of being not more than 3 meters away. We consider that is an early device glitch, however it is worthy of flagging.

And secondly, whilst the audio system are neighbor-botheringly loud and sound implausible when driven, we did to find this high quality moderately diluted when used for informal, and far quieter, hear-yourself-think listening.

We additionally took factor with quantity sensitivity the use of the app or Spotify/Tidal Connect. The touchscreen isn’t delicate sufficient, and it’s too simple to move from hushed reverence to full-on rave. The quantity adjustment is considerably extra correct when you use the far off keep watch over, however given our normal propensity for laziness, it’s smartphone or not anything.

Is There Any Competition?

What’s the call for for lively floor-standing audio system? There’s in no way a lot in the way in which of festival, but. Q Acoustics Q Active 400 (£2,299) is the primary, albeit quirkier selection, with Dali and ATC each providing impressively reviewed however getting older possible choices. 

There’s the hefty “bookshelf” Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo for £3,999, Linn’s superb however overpriced unmarried £3,000 Series 3, or you should revert to KEF’s personal LS50 Wireless II, which at not up to part the fee are compact and classy as hell, and be offering nearly the whole thing the general public may just realistically ask for in an lively speaker. No, they don’t sound as spectacular because the LS60 Wireless, nor will have to they, however they continue to be a very good, difficult-to-fault selection. 


Getting to spend time clear of a demo room with audio system as excellent because the LS60 Wireless is an absolute privilege. They stand a category with the exception of the remaining, providing complete connectivity and value with a grin-inducing sound high quality. They additionally glance very good, with a contemporary, pared-back aesthetic that manages to soothe each the inner clothier and the audiophile. 

Massive floor-standing audio system sound nice, however to maximum, bulky cupboards, miles of cable, and numerous black bins simply aren’t appropriate. This is a refreshing antidote to a distinct segment downside that KEF has completed completely.

So, for now, the LS60 Wireless is definitely the most productive lively streaming speaker gadget to be had. Nothing else even comes shut, however at $7,000 they will have to be sensible, and with very good choices from the similar logo to be had at part the fee, the query stays, do you in point of fact want extra?

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