KY Power restoration update for Eastern KY

(WTVQ/PRESS RELEASE) – Kentucky Power’s focus remains on restoring power to the nearly 14,000 customers who are without power.  More than 23,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm.

The majority of these customers live in Breathitt, Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry counties.

Storm Response Efforts

More than 800 Kentucky Power personnel, business partners and external resources are working to restore power. Crews from AEP sister companies and other business partners from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan have joined the efforts.

There are still multiples areas that remain inaccessible due to blocked or damaged roads and floodwaters. Crews have determined that it will be necessary to redesign and rebuild entire sections of circuits in some areas.

Estimated Restoration Times

Estimated restoration times are projections only. Keep in mind that many customers will receive power before the estimated timeframes.

In the hardest hit areas, restoration estimates are still difficult to predict due to the extent of damage crews have found and ongoing access issues.

The information below applies to the communities listed and the surrounding areas.

Breathitt County:

  • Damage assessment is ongoing in the Haddix, Canoe, Jackson and Lost Creek areas. No restoration times available yet.
  • Because Hwy 1098 is still flooded, access issues are causing problems for crews trying to address outages in the Quicksand and Press Howard areas.
  • Hwy 476, Troublesome Creek and Clayhole areas received extensive damage and crews are still trying to get access to some areas while assessing damage in other places.

Floyd County:

  • Most of Floyd County will wrap up tonight, or 95% of customers without power will be restored.

Knott County:

  • Brinkley area expected to be 75% restored by tonight.
  • Hwy 550 North and South, Pippa Passes and Holly Bush areas experienced major damage to electrical facilities. Damage assessment is underway in areas crews can reach.
  • Vest area should be mostly restored by tonight except for Talcum area.

Leslie County:

  • Most Leslie County customers should be restored by tonight, but there will be some additional restoration work needed tomorrow.

Letcher County:

  • Crews plan to focus on the Deane, McRoberts and Neon areas on Sunday.
  • Cram Creek area received extensive damage, numerous poles washed out. Circuit re-design will begin tomorrow. Repairs to follow in the days ahead.
  • Millstone area expected to be at least partially restored by tonight. Work will continue on Sunday.
  • Crews working in the Craft Colley area today; some areas remain inaccessible.

Perry County:

  • The northern part of Perry County received extensive damage including the areas of Hazard, Lotts Creek, Buckhorn, Bulan, Grapevine, 16 Mile, etc. Crews will be working in these areas over the next week working to restore power for those who are able to receive. No additional restoration times are available at this time.
  • The Buckhorn Lodge area in Chavies will likely be restored by tomorrow evening.
  • Approximately 15 broken poles were assessed by helicopter today in the Squabble Creek area.

Pike County:

  • Most Pike County customers should be restored by Sunday night, or 95% of customers without power will be restored.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the extent of damage to people’s homes, we are anticipating a lot of single customer outage cases as restoration progresses. Restoration estimates are for customers whose property is in condition to receive power. If the electric service entrance (meter loop) to your home or business has been damaged or pulled away from the structure, you will need to have it repaired in accordance with the National Electric Code before Kentucky Power can re-connect service.

For More Information

Customers can report outages and check the latest restoration information for their account anytime at or by downloading the Kentucky Power mobile app at Customers can report outages online, on their mobile device or to our Customer Operations Center at 1-800-572-1113.

Safety Messages:

Kentucky Power warns customers to stay away from all downed lines. Never touch downed power lines no matter how harmless they look. It can be difficult to distinguish between a power line and a cable or telephone line. All downed lines should be considered energized and dangerous. Also, never touch anything in contact with the line, such as trees, fences or puddles of water, since they can conduct electricity. Keep children and pets away from this potential hazard. Call Kentucky Power at 1-800-572-1113 to report hazards.

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