Local school board discusses district vote changes

PRINCETON, Ind. (WEHT) – The North Gibson County School Board met on April 11 to talk about inhabitants discrepancy throughout the district. The board won a notification from a unique hobby staff that advocates for equivalent illustration of elected officers within the state of Indiana.

The battle is that there’s a wide discrepancy through inhabitants within the district through Patoka’s inhabitants being higher than the opposite townships’ populations and the regulation calls for the board seats constitute equivalent numbers inside 15%.

There are 5 college board contributors elected through the township. Two seats constitute the township of Patoka, one seat represents the township of White River, one seat represents the township of Washington and an at-large seat from inside the entire district.

Board contributors are elected through the folk of the township they live in. Only the folk of a township can vote for the contributors of their township and the only at-large seats for any individual that is living within the college district.

The district must trade their district strains through getting rid of township strains making all seats at-large and voted through all Gibson County electorate. Another possibility could be to stay township strains for the applicants and make allowance electorate to vote for all applicants as an alternative of simply the applicants that constitute their township area. A 3rd possibility could be to redraw residential strains for equivalent inhabitants.

“This doesn’t appear to affect the upcoming election but in future elections we will have future residential districts where everyone votes,” says Board President Joe Williams. “We will have new district lines drawn or all members of the board will be eligible at-large and be voted on.”

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