Local single moms organization uses national grant to support more single mothers

BATON ROUGE – The Life of a Single Mom group is the use of budget from a countrywide grant to help unmarried mothers. 

Nicole Rosas joined The Life of a Single Mom about 10 years in the past. 

“I thought it was just a bunch of single moms, like bashing their exes, but, then, I attended and realized that it was so much more than that,” Rosas stated. 

She began attending probably the most group’s weekly help teams. 

It gave her one night time per week to concentrate on bettering herself.

“It wasn’t until a couple of meetings, and, then, I was like, ‘okay, I’m not okay,’” Rosas stated. 

With help from the group, she remodeled her and her son’s lives. 

“I was in a bad place when I attended single moms,” she stated. “I guess I had built myself up and put Band-Aids on myself, but they healed me…It was just knowing that I wasn’t alone.”

Single mothers aren’t on my own. Eighty-five % of unmarried folks are ladies.

“I was married for 24 years and went through a devastating divorce and really thought I wouldn’t survive,” The Life of a Single Mom techniques supervisor Crystal Thibodeaux stated. “When I walked in, I was just greeted with women who were in various stages of single momhood and had been successful.”

The good fortune of the single-moms organization isn’t going ignored. 

A former unmarried mom nominated the group for a countrywide grant. The American Land Title Association Good Deeds Foundation awarded grants national to twenty organizations that experience impacted their group.

The Life of a Single Mom gained a grant for $6,000. Thibodeaux stated the cash might be dispensed to many portions of the group, together with support-group coaching. 

“Support groups are of paramount importance to a single mom,” she stated. “That is the first thing that we want single moms to know is that you’re not going to walk alone.”

The grant may even cross towards offering extra monetary help for mothers that need to join Single Mom University.

“It’s an online platform with over 100 classes for just single moms,” Thibodeaux stated. “Classes are in the areas of parenting and finance, health and wellness.”

The primary focal point of the grant is to help unmarried mothers in order that extra mothers like Rosas can focal point on what in reality issues.

“Just thinking about where we would be without this program, if things would be different and how weird our life would be,” Rosas stated. 

Rosas retired from this system about two years in the past when she were given married, however she now works because the group’s venture assistant in hopes of inspiring and supporting unmarried mothers locally.

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