Man Wonders If Speeding Ticket Just Karma For Going 120 MPH

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OMAHA, NE—Pondering whether or not the universe, in its personal refined approach, could be seeking to ship him a message, a neighborhood guy reportedly questioned aloud if the dashing price tag he gained Monday wasn’t simply karma for using 120 miles in step with hour down the highway. “Wow, I guess what goes around really does come around, huh?” stated Josh Daniels, 35, who described how he had spent the morning wildly careening thru residential neighborhoods in his Honda Accord earlier than he made up our minds to merge onto Interstate 80 and “just floor it.” “I don’t want to draw connections where there aren’t any, but when I saw those flashing lights in the rearview, it definitely gave me pause. Maybe this is simply karma’s way of tapping me on the shoulder and letting me know there are consequences for screaming ‘I will never die’ while zigzagging through traffic and flipping off multiple state troopers.” According to assets, Daniels went on to wonder if his pending vehicular manslaughter price wasn’t some type of cosmic justice associated with his resolution to climb at the back of the wheel after consuming a 5th of combined scotch.

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