Maysville Rotary Club beautifies downtown Maysville

The Maysville Rotary Club did its part to help beautify the downtown area by planting an assortment of bushes and perennials on Thursday, June 23, that should last for years to come.

The lead on this project, Barb Campbell, said this was a community service project that a dozen or more rotary members were involved with.

“Judy Pfeffer is a master gardener and actually designed the placement of the bushes,” said Campbell.

The project was funded by the club and Xander Stewart, another member, purchased the plants and other materials, Campbell said.

“The City of Maysville turned and mulched for us, and we will also be laying out stones and putting in a sign about the Rotary Club having planted there sometime in the next few weeks,” said Campbell.

Cambell said she was very happy to be a part of this project and serve the community, “I love the feeling of camaraderie that develops in a group when you are working together in service of others and making something that will be around a long time,” said Campbell.

The newly planted area is in downtown Maysville between the fountain and new public restrooms for those interested in viewing the project.

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