McCarty slides into new role as Adams County Community Coordinator

WEST UNION, Ohio — Ashley McCarty, former reporter for The People’s Defender, is the newly employed Adams County Community Coordinator, and she or he is able to roll!

Veronica Grooms, Adams County Court Administrator, says, “We want the community, whether they’re affiliated with an organization, to know Ashley’s name and number so they will call her if they need something.”

When McCarty determined to go away the Defender, she sought after a month’s respite. She had a variety of activity alternatives. She stated, “My cup was running over, but nothing felt right.” Then, Common Please Court Judge Brett Spencer phoned. McCarty relates, “We’d had built up this beautiful friendship when I was working with the Defender.” Spencer sought after to run an concept via Ashley and instructed her, “You don’t have to answer now, but you know we’ve been looking for a Community Coordinator.” McCarty used to be now not most effective acutely aware of the hunt however remembered that once the location used to be discussed at a neighborhood assembly, her middle leaped, and she or he secretly wanted, “Pick me.” She states, “It was so serendipitous how he called me.”

Spencer reiterated, “You don’t have to answer me now – think it over. Call me back and let me know what you think.” McCarty says, “I didn’t have to think about it. I’ve built this relationship with these people already, and they’re good people. It’s such a great environment, so it was a no-brainer. I texted him back 15 minutes later and said, ‘Yes – absolutely – let’s talk about it.’” Once McCarty met with a small staff of neighborhood company reps, they usually mapped out her tasks, she stated, “I wanted to grab it by the horns and just go.” On March 3, she used to be sworn in for her new place as Adams County Community Coordinator.

McCarty is a nucleus of knowledge and products and services. It’s a county-wide place of being each a liaison for companies in the neighborhood and a liaison for neighborhood folks. She explains, “I connect individuals with agencies to provide the services, whatever that might be. I’m also a communication hub. I will go to meetings like Operation Better Together, the Drug Coalition, or other organizational meetings relative to the community.” McCarty stocks mins from the conferences and creates a publication for most of the people. She states, “The skills that I developed working at the paper have definitely helped me, especially with reporting.”

McCarty is a self-taught artist who stocks her time and skills educating on the Adams County Christian School and volunteering on the Children’s Home. She explains, “I’m self-taught in art and writing. Around the same time I started writing, I started sketching, and sketching turned into painting.”

She may be an avid Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. McCarty is an suggest for all dwelling creatures and sits at the board of the Humane Society.

McCarty mentions her religion greater than as soon as within the dialog. She stocks, “I’m 30 now, and it took until I was 29 to finally realize the truth. My life was chaotic before I became a Christian, and then after I became a Christian, everything just flowed so much better. God has moved so powerfully since I’ve become a Christian. My life was so directionless, and it was like I was a seed floating in the wind waiting to find ground somewhere. When I became a Christian, I started to grow roots, and these roots have grown out, and they’ve led me to make connections.”

Besides the chance to glue and support others, McCarty loves that this activity gives her construction and the facility to move house at evening and chill out. The place makes room for her educating and volunteering positions, permitting her the versatility to proceed sharing her presents. She describes running along with her new staff as a pleasure. McCarty expresses, “I want to be effective in the community. I want to reach people. That’s why I’m here.”

Mr. Rogers,’ “Look for the helpers” involves thoughts. Ashley McCarty is a helper. She says, “I just have a passion for helping everybody, and that’s what is so perfect about this role. I can do what I love to do and help people communicate and have relationships with people.”

Ashley McCarty could also be reached at (937) 971-3317 or via electronic mail at [email protected]

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