Media ‘can’t turn away’ from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal any longer

Sky News host Sharri Markson says the media can’t “turn away” from the Hunter Biden computer scandal any further, after the tale was once “censored”.

“Biden escaped scrutiny entirely from the whole of the American media – with the exception of the New York Post and Fox News,” Ms Markson mentioned.

“How far have we fallen that tech giants run by woke billionaires and their fake fact-checkers now decide what is real, genuine news and what is not? The same companies that donate to the Democrats and are far from impartial.

“Why aren’t they being held to account now?

“No apology … by them or by Twitter or the New York Times or Facebook or any of the numerous fact-checkers for mainstream media outlets who insisted this was fake news, that there was nothing to see here, as long as you don’t create waves for Joe Biden ahead of the election.”

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