Meet Amouranth: the Woman Making 1 Million Dollars a Month Playing Video Games in a Bikini

Let’s say this in a different way: “You can have sex with and kill a sex worker in GTA, but an IRL woman who is trying to make a living by performing for a crowd of consenting adults will get banned. Also don’t forget sometimes nipples are illegal.” We in point of fact don’t seem to be residing in a golden age of enlightenment. 


This is obviously the decline of America and will have to be banned from the airwaves. FRIENDS?! HANGING OUT?!

In the early days of the “hot tub streamer meta”, when other folks have been clutching their pearls as a result of they suspect a lady’s frame is evil and the theory of intercourse is THE DEVIL’S WORK, Twitch answered by way of making a complete new class on it’s platform. Alongside gaming and Just Chatting, you’ll now to find “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches.” This created a bubble for warm bath streamers which has come and long gone. Although a couple of soldier on, none had been as a hit as Amouranth.

Amouranth moved to OnlyFans and has had improbable financial luck. But now she’s pivoting to the extra mainstream Twitch target market as soon as once more. Why depart one million greenback a month subscription platform in the back of? Longevity. She’s proved herself to be a savvy trade individual or even her bannings on Twitch have garnered her consideration within the press and upped her subscriber base in other places. But in the long run, breaking clear of the explicitly grownup content material of OnlyFans and opening up trade chances within the open waters of mainstream media is a brilliant transfer. At least whilst we’re residing on this repressive, puritanical bell jar we name a tradition.

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