Michael B. Jordan’s Workout, Training Routine for Creed III

  • Michael B. Jordan is training for his role in the upcoming film “Creed III.” 
  • Jordan’s exercise routine for the role focuses on multiple intense workouts each day.
  • Jordan will sometimes do three or four short workouts a day, according to his trainer.

Michael B. Jordan is preparing to reprise his role as Adonis Creed in the upcoming film “Creed III,” and his training routine for the role is built upon short, intense workouts

Jordan’s trainer Corey Calliet, who also trained the 34-year-old actor for his roles in the first two films in the Creed series, said this time Jordan is focused on multiple workouts throughout the day, according to BarBend.

Calliet said that instead of giving Jordan one big workout session per day like he did for the last two films, he gives him three to four shorter workout sessions per day, but each one is high-intensity to help speed up muscle growth and build endurance. 

“You don’t have to spend two and a half hours in the gym to change your body,” Calliet told BarBend

Jordan’s short sessions come with a variety of workouts that target different areas

Calliet said that Jordan’s typical training day starts off with a conditioning session with sprint drills. Doing cardio in the morning can help jumpstart a training day by making you feel more energetic and focused, and promotes a healthy sleep pattern.

A few hours after the conditioning circuit, Jordan does a boxing session or punching bag workout. The boxing practice is especially well-suited for Jordan’s role in Creed, as he plays a boxer, but boxing is also a good standalone workout for most people.

Boxing strengthens the upper body and core without using weight. Additionally, it is also a good cardio workout, and can even help improve posture and balance.

Calliet told BarBend that Jordan finishes his day with another cardio session or a lifting session in the evening. Calliet said that by compartmentalizing each dimension of fitness, he is able to drive Jordan’s muscle growth and improve his endurance to create an authentic athletic performance on the screen.

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