New Hello Kitty, Snoopy Face Coverings at Taiwan Hi-Life Supermarket

Hello Kitty Mask

Attention, Hello Kitty and Snoopy fans! Hi-Life Taiwan has exclusively launched two “smart face masks” (non-medical masks) with a patented temperature-sensing design. Not only are they covered with super cute Hello Kitty and Snoopy, they also change color. The face masks are limited in Taiwan. 10,000 boxes are available for sale at the Taiwan convenience stores, and limited product quantities. Hi-Life (萊爾富) is a supermarket in Taiwan. Hi-Life is similar to 7-Eleven convenience store.

Hello Kitty Mask

The “Hello Kitty” face mask with pink color, and wearing pink dresses and pink dresses on the top. The bow-tie HELLO KITTY is full of love. Through the temperature of speaking and breathing, the love will turn yellow, super cute.

Hello Kitty Mask

“Snoopy space walk” face mask has more handsome elements, with a versatile black background. Both Snoopy and Charlie Brown wear space suits. The main discoloration places are Charlie Brown’s helmet and the words Snoopy.

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