No, Julian Edelman Isn’t Joining Tom Brady On The Buccaneers

In the arena of sports activities, there are specific days which can be identified for flurries of participant motion actions. April 1 is a type of days, with the one twist being that just about not one of the reported trades, signings, or retirements are in truth going down. Every 12 months like clockwork, a handful of athletes are possessed via the spirit of comedy itself to build a maximum clever jape! I shall say I’m to be signed or traded, but this can be a farce! High comedy certainly! I’ll be topped because the Joker King of April Fools!

This 12 months Julian Edelman, previously of the New England Patriots, determined to take advantage of gullible males in Massachusetts spit scorching Dunkin in every single place their telephone display via saying that he could be signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You see, that’s the place Tom Brady performs now, and likewise (in all probability) Rob Gronkowski. That’s why him going to the Buccaneers would form of make sense. Which I assume is a shaggy dog story.

Tweet from Julian Edelman saying he's signed with the Bucs


Ah, were given me excellent.

At least this one does use some form of related data or development like “all the old Patriots are joining Tom Brady in Tampa” which supplies it a slight edge over the tweets which can be identical to “I’m retiring lol.” I imply, within the grand scheme of items, it’s now not like those a laugh little athlete jokes are in reality doing hurt. They in truth simply more or less flow via within the aether. But they’re a type of the kind of April Fool’s shaggy dog story that’s the absolute worst, normally deployed via the least humorous particular person you recognize.

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