‘Not enough’ discussion about the Labor Party’s ‘identity crisis’

GT Communications’ Gemma Tognini says there is “not enough” discussion about the “identity crisis” facing the Labor Party.

The Australian is reporting national union leader Michael O’Connor has warned the federal ALP faces a blue-collar voter backlash over the Andrews government’s ‘disgraceful’ treatment of timber workers.

“For all of the talk about conservative politics having somewhat of an identity crisis in this era … not enough has been spoken about the same identity crisis that is facing the Labor Party,” Ms Tognini said.

“The Labor Party used to be quite clearly and by definition the party of the worker and the party of the working class – it hasn’t been that for some time.

“And the further to the far left that the Labor Party lurches in terms of policy and representation, the more absorbed they get in pronouns and gender identity ahead of cost of living and the concerns of everyday families in Australia, the further south their primary vote plummets.”

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