Ob-Gyn Clarifies She Doesn’t Have To Hear About Foot Stuff

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MONTCLAIR, NJ—Listening and making an attempt to be respectful as her affected person defined her maximum lately sexual job, native obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Patty Walsh clarified Thursday that she didn’t if truth be told have to listen to about any foot stuff. “As a female reproductive specialist, I absolutely do need to learn your medical history, but I don’t necessarily need to know about intercourse or arousal involving feet or toes,” stated Walsh, including that any issues associated with rubbing, licking, or sucking ft would more than likely be perfect fitted to any other clinical skilled. “While I appreciate your honesty and the level of detail you’re providing, when I asked about partners, I wasn’t talking about members of the foot fetishist community whom you sent photos of your feet to online. Now, if this story eventually leads to a concern about an STD or a pregnancy, I’m all ears, but if it stops at foot stuff, we should probably move on.” The ob-gyn went on to inform her affected person that no, she didn’t wish to take away her socks for the examination, and no, she didn’t care about what her companions would take into consideration how her ft regarded in stirrups.

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