Online Boxing Day shoppers warned about potential traps

Many Australians are shopping online for Boxing Day sales today but experts say there are common customer traps.

Online sales expert Paul Wigger says these traps can include 50 to 80 per cent off sales.

“You need to be quite careful when going into those deals because a lot of the time they’re on select lines, it might not be what you’re looking for, it might be on expiring stock, or stock that’s really old code,” Mr Wigger told Sky News Australia.

He said his best advice for online shoppers is to do their research.

“Go to all the stores that you know might have the items that you’re looking for and then just Google search and open all those tabs, compare every single store.”

He also said shoppers should check their emails to find information about sales.

“And have a list, so make sure when you’re going to go to these online stores for the sale you don’t go outside of bounds for what you’re looking for.”

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