Pardon politics free Korea’s disgraced ex-leader Park

SEOUL – On the same day a gob-smacked world learned that Suga, a member of the mega-group BTS, had come down with Covid-19, one of the most dramatic political-judicial episodes in the history of South Korea was concluded.

Park Geun-hye, 69, the former South Korean president who was impeached, thrown out of office and jailed against a backdrop of incendiary political fireworks in 2017, was pardoned on Friday amid a fraught national election campaign.

Her upcoming release – part of a customary New Year’s Eve pardon program that, this year, included 3,094 beneficiaries – surprised most with its timing but was hardly unexpected. Multiple disgraced high-profile figures, from ex-presidents to corporate tycoons, have benefitted from similar pardons in the past.

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