Pennies, wishes and a really big Caney Lake bass

Ross Kliebert caught this huge 12.45-pound Caney lunker. His fishing partner Zane Zeringue lipped the bass and got him in the boat for the team.
Ross Kliebert stuck this massive 12.45-pound Caney lunker. His fishing spouse Zane Zeringue lipped the bass and were given him within the boat for the staff.

Caney hawg is want come true for Kliebert

There are quite a lot of tactics to catch large bass within the spring. Ross Kliebert and Zane Zeringue of the Lafourche Parish Bassmasters can have get a hold of a brand new one.

“The day before the LHSAA tournament last weekend, Zane found two pennies. He kept one and gave one to me,” Kliebert mentioned. “He said throw it in the lake and make a wish. So I threw mine in and wished to catch a double-digit bass. He threw his in. I asked him what he wished for. He said his wish was just that we didn’t zero out in the tournament.”

Well, bass needs do come true.

The subsequent day, Saturday, March 19, the 2 didn’t 0 out. And Kliebert were given his want. The tenth grader from Hackberry who attends Thibodaux High stuck his private best possible 12.45-pound largemouth bass from Caney Lake. He additionally stuck a 7-pounder and the duo ended the event in 3rd position with 5 fish weighing 24.29 kilos.

“Oh my gosh, it was such a cool day,” Kliebert mentioned. “We started out slow, but started seeing more fish bedding. We found them along the edge of a cove and as we pulled up to one spot around a point, we saw a giant fish take off. We looked at each other with our mouths open and Zane said, ‘was that like the giant stuffed bass you can get at Bass Pro?’”

The two had a excellent chuckle, however knew they sought after a shot at that fish. They fished on down the cove, then got here again once more. When they did, Zeringue noticed the massive momma and so they spent an hour or extra throwing each more or less bait they might bring to mind. But the fish would no longer chunk.

sixth Sense Stroker Craw

“Our boat captain, Marcus Trosclair, suggested maybe we try a white bait, so we did,” Kliebert mentioned. “Zane tied on a white trick worm and tossed it in there. The big fish hit, but broke him off. We were like ‘oh no…what just happened?’ but I had a white 6-inch crawfish tied on so I threw it up in the bed.”

As quickly as he did, a smaller male bass shot over and ate the bait. After a short lived struggle, he landed the “small” 5-pound male. They once more solid on the giant fish, however she wouldn’t chunk once more. Finally after about an hour of making an attempt, Kliebert had solid a white 6-inch sixth Sense Stroker Craw sitting at the mattress. Zeringue tied a white chatterbait on and pulled it throughout the mattress.

“When he did that, the big bass hit Zane’s bait hard, but missed it,” Kliebert mentioned. “Then, it just turned and, just like that, ate mine. He was saying to me that the fish had his bait in its mouth and I said, ‘you mean like this’ and I set the hook. The fish went crazy. So did Zane.”

This is the very bait Kiebert caught his monster on, a Platinum White 6th Sense Stroker Craw. He’s saving it to go with the mount.
This is the very bait Kiebert stuck his monster on, a Platinum White sixth Sense Stroker Craw. He’s saving it to move with the mount.

After a few 5 minute struggle, he in the end were given the fish shut sufficient for Zeringue to lip it and he did. When they were given it within the boat, they each went loopy.

“We were screaming and hollering and hugging. It was awesome,” Kliebert mentioned. “Marcus couldn’t believe it and he was just sitting there smiling with his mouth open.”

An overly a success event

Trosclair mentioned it was once an absolute pleasure to look at the fellows fish so exhausting and for him to function the boat captain.

“To watch them fish, man, that makes it worth all the effort,” he mentioned. “These guys fished so hard for those two big fish and they had so much fun. They kept tossing different baits at them and finally aggravated them into hitting that white crawfish. It was fun. This was my first trip back to Caney since the grass got back in it and it makes an enormous difference. If they keep the grass in there, this lake will just keep getting better.”

The two get to speak about the enjoy rather steadily. They experience to college in combination and it’s just about all they’re speaking about.

There had been in truth 3 double-digit bass stuck throughout the event by way of the highschool anglers. Baylen Guy and Brandt Babineaux of Tuerlings Catholic landed a ten.39 and Cullen Dickerson and Kanin Deal of South Beauregard landed an 11.28. The event was once gained by way of Tyler Covington and Brantley Tate of Walker High with 5 fish weighing 26.55, together with a large fish of 8.77. Tournament runner-up Cade Walock and Brady Smith had 5 fish weighing 24.78 together with a large fish of 9.61.

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