Policies critical to making Australia stronger ‘hardly rating a mention’

The insurance policies had to make Australia more potent and extra filthy rich within the coming a long time are “hardly rating a mention” this election marketing campaign, consistent with Sky News host Peta Credlin.

Ms Credlin stated what actually counts are the underlying insurance policies and now not the day by day dramas at the marketing campaign path.

“Neither leader wants to talk about spending less or taxing more, or changing anything that might upset anyone else – unless, of course, it’s billionaires, banks or foreigners,” Ms Credlin stated.

“That’s the pity for me of this campaign – in the end, someone is going to win it.

“But who is prime minister is the only thing this campaign will decide.

“The policies needed to make us stronger and more prosperous in the decades to come – well, they’re hardly rating a mention.”

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