Predicting The Next Decade Of Marvel Movies (Based On Kevin Feige’s Hat)

Seriously, the X-Men in reality like basketball. 

Gambit, Rogue, and Jubilee playing basketball in X-Men comic.

Marvel Comics

If Gambit could not dunk they might have kicked him out of the group 30 years in the past.

Even those you would not suppose like basketball, like basketball. 

Professor X playing basketball in X-Men comic.

Marvel Comics

We higher see this EXACT scene with Patrick Stewart in Multiverse of Madness

But what about that pink and blue results at the hat’s white brand? That’s now not three-D, you simpleton, and that’s the reason now not white on the middle: it is gold. Because it is a connection with the time the X-Men cut up into pink, blue, and gold groups as a way to promote extra comics extra completely discover the narrative probabilities inside the mutant international. And that superstar at the aspect of the cap? That can most effective be a aware callback to the Starjammers (the gap pirates led by means of Cyclops’ dad), Shatterstar (the X-Force member killed off in Deadpool 2), and the epic X-Men/Star Trek crossover comics and novel of the ’90s, . 

In different phrases, regardless of his obvious caginess, Feige desperately desires us to grasp we are getting a crapload of flicks in regards to the Fantastic Four. That’s proper, rely the selection of hands on his hand: 5. The precise selection of participants at the Fantastic Four plus one. That stuff in regards to the X-Men used to be merely misdirection, and also you fell for it, you rube. You absolute rube. Note to Mr. Feige: we will be able to delete this newsletter in trade for 6 hundreds of thousands greenbacks or a life-size cardboard cutout of Chris Hemsworth

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Top symbol: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, Marvel Studios 

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