Queen Elizabeth II: 7 life lessons the monarch can teach us

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 70 years on the throne and because of her age and experience, the record-breaking monarch has a few things she can teach us, Kerry Parnell writes.

Forget Kim Kardashian posing in scarily-there bikini bottoms, or Rihanna’s baby bump, this week we bow down to the real Queen, who reaches 70 years on the throne.

The record-breaking monarch has a few things to teach us – not least, how to wear a hat.

Find a signature style and stick with it

If ever there was an example of why we all need a signature look, it’s the Queen, who has made the block-colour coat and hat combo her own and can rock a headscarf and tweed like nobody else. By doing this, she hasn’t had an off-day since the Great Floral Disaster of the early 1990s.

Never complain, never explain

Whatever the drama – and there has been plenty of it – the Queen has stuck to this mantra. Silence can be way more powerful than shouting and much more infuriating to the other person. If only I could remember this.

Have other interests

If I was a royal, I’d lie around in my tiara all day drinking martinis, which is pretty much what Princess Margaret did, but if you are after longevity, then the Queen is living proof you should also have a passion.

When she was younger she was disparaged by critics for “only knowing about horses,” but it turned out she knew an awful lot about horses and became one of the most successful racehorse owners in the world. She only stopped riding aged 95.

And no, Wordle doesn’t count as a hobby.

Buy well and wear forever

Despite having her face on bank notes, the Queen gets an average 25 years out of her dresses, according to her designer Angela Kelly and has her shoes and coats repaired rather than replaced. So, forget those fast-fashion frocks that fray after three weeks, we’re off to purchase some plaid — see you in 2047.

Work through grief

The Queen is not the retiring type – literally. She made a pledge on her 21st birthday that her “whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service” and stuck to it.

Obviously, nobody wants to work themselves into the grave, but keeping active as long as you can has to be good for your brain and body. She has also shown working through grief can help your mental-health and as such, was back to business post-Prince Philip’s funeral in days.

Ask your elders

The Queen has worked with everyone from Winston Churchill to Robert Menzies, Nelson Mandela to JFK. Is there anyone else in the world with so much ongoing experience? Will there ever be again?

In a time of increasingly short-term politics, here’s an idea – maybe we should actually ask our elders to share some of their wisdom, rather than make the same mistakes over and over. And talk to your gran about her life, before she’s gone.

Every family has problems

Finally, if nothing else, the Queen has shown us every single family in the world – even the ones with titles – has its problems, from dodgy relatives to disagreements. If your little princes aren’t currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons, then you rule.

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