‘Reassuring’ Australians aren’t caught up in the same ‘deadly debate’ as the US

Sky News host Chris Smith says it is “reassuring” Australians aren’t caught up in the same kind of “deadly debate” which is taking place in the United States surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

It comes after the US teenager who shot and killed two men during racial justice protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was found not guilty on all charges.

“On the same day as this American jury upholds the right to use their guns to kill in one case an unarmed civilian when confronted we have a whole series of protests here against powers that force some workers to take a vaccine,” Mr Smith said.

“Now I may not agree with many who turned out at those city protests yesterday – especially the selfish antivaxxers – but isn’t it reassuring that that’s what some of us are angry about in this country.

“We’re not caught up in such as deadly debate as they are in the United States.

“And isn’t it good that at least yesterday we saw no violence in any of our cities, and they deserve credit for it.”

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