Residents gather to help high crime rate community

BATON ROUGE – When it involves the desires for citizens in a single under-served house of Baton Rouge, a gaggle is achieving out with assist by way of beginning an annual neighborhood amassing to deal with their considerations.

Residents collected at a park in Brookstown to supply answers to the issues they have got.

“I have some great neighbors. I think it’s a great place to live,” Brookstown resident Derrick Jordan mentioned.

Jordan lives in Brookstown on Clayton Drive, part of northwest Baton Rouge that police believe a “hot zone.”

“We have a few problems that need to be addressed,” Jordan mentioned.

There had been 170 murders in Baton Rouge ultimate 12 months, some them in Brookstown, the place government say being shot is the #1 reason behind loss of life for black males.

“I think we need community policing. I think neighborhood watch,” Jordan mentioned.

“I grew up with a lot of friends in this area, and people are often forgotten about,” Laramie Griffin with Victory Over Louisiana Violence mentioned.

Griffin arranged the neighborhood amassing at Howell Community Park Sunday the place biodegradable balloons had been launched. Only a handful grew to become out to assist citizens get get admission to to the services and products they want, like unfastened psychological well being assets, suicide prevention counseling and assist to stop fatal drug overdosing.

“The services that you have should be in your community,” Griffin mentioned. “You can forget about the people who are dealing with low income, who are dealing with gas stations not being close. People now are dealing with high crime areas. People need the help.”

And has a long way as Jordan is worried, neighborhood gatherings are no less than a step in the correct course.

“Steady going back, addressing these issues, something will get done,” Jordan mentioned.

Despite the low end up, organizers plan to have extra neighborhood conferences on this house, letting people know that there’s assist for them to be had.

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