Secretary of State Adams to back bill stopping ‘frivolous’ recount bids

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams says he’ll beef up law to just permit recount requests from applicants coming inside 1 proportion level of the winner.

Adams spoke out after a minimum of six shedding Republican applicants from Kentucky’s May number one election filed petitions inquiring for an professional recount of the vote, together with two who misplaced via 36 proportion issues and greater than 2,000 votes, the Courier Journal reported.

Adams, a Republican, described a number of of the recount requests as “frivolous.”

The not unusual thread amongst 5 recount petitioners, Adams stated, is those applicants ran on a “liberty” platform of anti-establishment mistrust with the federal government, “however there’s truly not anything that’s liberty-ish or libertarian about what they’re doing.

“It used to be that conservatives were against wasting taxpayer resources,” he added.

Under a 2021 regulation, the brink margin of loss for a candidate to request a recanvass is lower than 1 proportion level. No such threshold margin exists underneath Kentucky regulation for a candidate to request a recount — a extra labor-intensive procedure requiring a recount of poll totals, on the petitioners’ expense.

Adams stated he’d beef up law in subsequent yr’s legislative consultation to make use of the similar 1% threshold eligibility for recounts and require applicants to head during the recanvass procedure first.

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