Security Council’s role in easing tensions over Ukraine

While relations between the West and Russia have undeniably reached a dangerous crisis level, partially owing to the commonly held conviction in Washington that Moscow might use its 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine to invade the country, the US has recently decided to invite the Russians “to explain themselves,” as Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield argued on the American Broadcasting Company’s This Week program on Sunday.

The US ambassador to the United Nations made a significant effort to make that possible by securing the support of at least nine states of the 15-member UN Security Council (UNSC) to meet publicly on Monday to discuss Russia’s “threatening behavior” against Kiev and its ongoing military presence in Belarus – a country that has formed a Union State with Russia since 1999.

Although according to Thomas-Greenfield Moscow is “posing a clear threat to international peace and security and the UN Charter,” the authors of this article believe that the Security Council must consider whether it is not NATO’s threats against Russia, its expansion to the very borders of Russia and the massive deliveries of weapons to the Ukraine that constitute the principal source of the threat to peace for the purposes of Article 39 of the UN Charter.

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