Showrunners ‘Started Talking About’ Madison Return Years Ago

  • In December, AMC introduced that Kim Dickens will reprise her function on “Fear the Walking Dead.”
  • Dickens used to be killed off the display on season 4, to the marvel of the big name and lovers.
  • Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg informed Insider they have thought to be her go back for seasons.

It’s in the end going down. Kim Dickens is returning to “Fear the Walking Dead.

After reputedly getting killed off the display on season 4, AMC introduced in December that Dickens will reprise her function as protagonist Madison Clark at the sequence’ 7th and 8th seasons. 

How did the “TWD” derivative pass from killing off one in every of its major stars to bringing her again? 

“Fear TWD” showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg informed Insider that Madison’s go back used to be one thing they’d internally thought to be for years prior to talking with “TWD” universe leader content material officer Scott M. Gimple.

“We started talking about it seasons ago, the possibility that Madison could have survived the stadium and, if so, what that story would look like,” Goldberg informed Insider over


previous this month.

“We did bring Madison’s story to a conclusion in a sense, but it was just a chapter of the story. It was not the full story,” Goldberg added.

As the sequence returns from its hiatus, we requested Chambliss and Goldberg to stroll us throughout the lengthy adventure to convey again Madison. 

We mentioned how a lot we’re going to see of Madison within the again part of season seven (they promise her look may not be fleeting), how “Fear TWD” big name — and Dickens’ shut buddy — Colman Domingo, used to be instrumental in bringing the big name again to the sequence, whether or not or no longer lovers could have performed a task in serving to to orchestrate her go back, and if the pair ever concept they’d made a mistake in “killing off” Madison.

It used to be laborious for Chambliss and Goldberg to stay Madison’s go back a secret for over a 12 months.

Madison Kim Dickens FearTWD 201

Kim Dickens used to be the protagonist on “Fear TWD” for the primary 4 seasons.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Insider: I’ve a sense you each know what a large number of those subsequent 10 mins or so are going to be about.

Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg: laughter

We have to discuss Madison. How laborious used to be it to stay her go back secret?

Goldberg: Very laborious, very laborious. With you particularly.

Chambliss: Yeah.

Goldberg: It used to be actually laborious to determine learn how to faucet dance across the query of when Madison used to be coming again, as it used to be one thing that we were making plans creatively for some time.

It used to be a tale that we had sought after to inform and we would discovered the correct time and the correct tale for Madison’s go back. But, we needed to stay it a secret smartly over a 12 months. And then after all there used to be the method of coming near Kim about it and the logistics of creating certain she used to be and to be had. And then, in the end, we had been in a position to position it in the market and we are very excited that now we will be able to communicate overtly.

Colman Domingo initiated the dialog with Dickens after Chambliss and Goldberg mentioned the theory of bringing her again with Scott M. Gimple.

FearTWD 215 Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) are season on season two, episode 15 of “Fear TWD.”

Peter Iovino/AMC

I were looking ahead to this second to talk with you each since early December after I first realized the scoop about Madison’s go back. We’ve had somewhat of a again and forth about this. It began as a fan query, actually. And then I used to be like, “Wait a minute. These aren’t the responses I’m expecting to be getting from you guys.” I used to be questioning if there used to be one thing occurring.

Can you’re taking me thru that timeline somewhat bit extra of when and why you first thought to be bringing Madison again? When did the theory pass from a concept to one thing extra severe to “OK. We have Kim interested.” I consider she did a Zoom with you guys and Gimple in January 2021. I first requested you guys about this in November 2020.

Chambliss: I feel in relation to like a tale concept, it is one thing that we were speaking about seasons in the past, however we by no means relatively had the tale or the best way into it. And we had been simply roughly then in search of tips on how to convey her again and the correct tale to a inform — roughly where within the display the place it could make sense, the place the thematics would fortify it, the place the whole thing would roughly come in combination.

I feel as we had been getting in opposition to the top of running on season six, it used to be actually beginning to really feel like the place we had been going. Things had been beginning to make sense. That’s when Ian and I began speaking about it much more. We began speaking about it with Scott Gimple. Then, once we felt assured within the ingenious, that is when [“Fear TWD” star] Colman [Domingo] reached out to Kim and we had an preliminary dialog along with her.

In January of remaining 12 months, we had a Zoom along with her the place we pitched her roughly the core of the theory of what the tale could be. From there, it used to be all about roughly figuring out the logistics of it and hoping the whole thing aligned almost so shall we in truth do it. It used to be a truth that we knew about for just about a 12 months prior to we had been in a position to inform any person. 

The lovers performed a minimum of a small function in serving to to convey Madison again. Madison will probably be somewhat modified once we see her once more.

fear the walking dead madison kim dickens feartwd

Andrew Chambliss mentioned they evolved Madison’s go back with Kim Dickens prior to writing her go back.

Justina Mintz/AMC

Andrew, you defended writing Kim off the sequence in June, 2018, to The Hollywood Reporter

At the time, you mentioned, “Madison’s story has come to an end. There were thousands of walkers in that stadium that were feet away from her just before they went up in flames. So Madison died making that sacrifice for her family.”

How do you pass from that during 2018 to a whole 180 a couple of years later? Was there part of you guys that concept, “Man, maybe we made a mistake”?

Goldberg: I feel it is going to what Madison herself says, which is, “No one’s gone until they’re gone.”

Anyone who is partial to “The Walking Dead” universe is aware of if you do not see someone die, anything else is conceivable. What we felt as we had been telling those tales and proceeding to peer Madison’s affect at the characters that survived her after the occasions on the stadium took place is [that] even if Madison wasn’t at the display, she very a lot nonetheless endured to forged an actual affect.

So let me simply attempt to explain this. Did the lovers have a vital affect on bringing Kim Dickens again or did you’re feeling some type of accountability to the fandom? Because Kim, when she used to be on “Talking Dead” thanked the lovers for his or her dedication.

Chambliss: Yeah. I feel, to a definite extent, simply seeing how a part of the material of “Fear the Walking Dead” — Madison is what sort of saved her alive in all of our conversations concerning the tale.

As we had been having the ones conversations and issues began to indicate to a gap for her go back, it without a doubt felt like this used to be a tale that lovers would love and be fascinated about and that were given us excited, too. I feel the object that we are fascinated about is bringing Madison again.

All the characters who have endured at the display have modified in some beautiful elementary techniques since Madison made the sacrifice for them in the course of season 4. Just up to they have all modified, once we to find her, she may have modified as a result of there may be going to were a adventure that she has been on that we will be able to no longer were aware about. A big a part of her go back is calling the questions: What has that adventure been about? Where does that go away her as a personality? How does that form her going ahead and the way does that form the display going ahead? It’s gonna supply a actually giant signpost for the place the display goes ahead.

Chambliss and Goldberg evolved Madison’s go back tale with Dickens as AMC labored out the trade aspect to convey the actress again.

FearTWD season 7 Madison Kim Dickens

The season 7b trailer teases a captive Madison.


When you spoke with Dickens for the primary time after Colman initiated that speak, what used to be that dialog like? Were there reservations there? Were there issues that this may occasionally really feel gimmicky bringing her again or inauthentic? Were you each apprehensive to talk along with her?

Chambliss: I feel coming near that dialog, we had grow to be very invested within the tale. So, we had been apprehensive within the sense that we needed her to reply to it and get fascinated about it. Kim had all the time been extremely skilled and gracious to paintings with. So, we were not anxious about that aspect of the dialog.

Very temporarily, we began speaking concerning the ingenious as a result of, as Kim mentioned, she used to be simply very fascinated about the theory of revisiting Madison’s personality and seeing the place she’s been and the adventure she’s been on. And, as we were given into the dialog concerning the ingenious, she were given excited, we were given excited, and roughly fed off each and every different. We left that decision, from our aspect, feeling very assured that Kim used to be fascinated about the theory of bringing Madison again.

And, I do not wish to talk for her, nevertheless it felt like she left that decision with the similar roughly mindset. Then, in no time, we had been in a position to roughly hand issues off to AMC for the trade aspect of items. But we endured to roughly increase the ingenious and that used to be the thrill factor as a result of we had that dialog with Kim up to now forward of time. It used to be smartly prior to we in truth wrote her go back. So, as we had been proceeding to increase it, we had been in a position to roughly name her and run her thru it and roughly proceed to construct issues off that manner.

The toughest section used to be — we had all of it locked down and it wasn’t with reference to conserving the name of the game from you each and every time we spoke, nevertheless it used to be additionally ready to shoot it. We had been sitting in this script for a long time, very keen to peer Kim play Madison once more and having to attend.

We will be informed the place Madison has been because the fallout on the stadium on season 4.

madison clark feartwd 408

The remaining time lovers noticed Madison alive used to be on season 4, episode 8.


Can both of you percentage if we will be able to get to peer how Madison survived being surrounded through the lifeless in some type of flashback scene or the place she’s been all this time? It has to take so much to stay a mama undergo from her cubs.

Goldberg: I feel one of the simplest ways to reply to that — and this isn’t a dodge — however one of the simplest ways to reply to it’s Madison has been on an unbelievable adventure since that evening on the stadium to the place we discover her in season seven. And this is completely a tale we are gonna inform once we meet her.

In truth, we’re going to get into a substantial amount of that once we meet her this season. We’re gonna know what she’s been as much as and why she’s grow to be the individual she’s grow to be.

Chambliss: One factor that we noticed within the trailer, in that little glimpse we noticed of Madison on the finish, she had the ones tattoos of Nick and Alicia on her wrist. Obviously, her kids are roughly at first in her thoughts. So, the query you ask about what would stay a mom undergo from her kids, that may be a excellent query, and that’s the reason gonna be a big a part of her tale.

Madison is not going to seem in only a cameo within the subsequent 8 episodes.

Fear TWD Madison tattoos

Madison has tattoos of her kids, Alicia and Nick, on her wrists, more likely to assist remind her why she’s staying alive.


Fans sought after me to if we’re going to have to attend a very long time to peer Madison. We’re no longer going to simply see some flash of her on the finish of the season seven finale, proper? I feel that might disillusioned such a lot of other people.

She is not going to seem in only a flash. When she seems, it will be in a big, important manner. It is not going to simply be a cameo. I promise you that.

New episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead” air Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. The subsequent two episodes are lately streaming on AMC+. You can observe together with “TWD” universe protection right here. This interview has been frivolously edited and condensed for readability.

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