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Southern Brazil ports and Montevideo have grow to be medication exporting hubs

Thursday, May twelfth 2022 – 10:53 UTC

Last April 333 kilos of cocaine were discovered in a ship in Montevideo, coming from the port of Rio Grande. Investigations showed that the drug, originally from Colombia
Last April 333 pounds of cocaine have been found out in a boat in Montevideo, coming from the port of Rio Grande. Investigations confirmed that the drug, in the beginning from Colombia

The seizure by means of Brazilian police of 136 pounds of cocaine on a docked send within the port of Rio Grande, state of Rio Grande do Sul, obviously signifies the life of an world drug trafficking course, within the south of the rustic and neighboring Uruguay.

The newspaper Correio do Povo reported that São Paulo-based felony faction Primeiro Comando da Capital, (PCC),discovered tactics to send cocaine in ports like Santos (São Paulo), Itajaí (Santa Catarina) and Paranaguá (Paraná).

Last April, the Brazilian Federal Police used to be knowledgeable of the seizure of 333 pounds of cocaine in Montevideo, Uruguay, coming from the port of Rio Grande. The investigations confirmed that the drug, in the beginning from Colombia, used to be destined for the ports of Rio Grande and Montevideo. A fragment of the bust would had been to offer the native marketplace, and the remaining redirected to different international locations.

The world drug trafficking industry ruled by means of the PCC starts in coca fields within the Andean international locations and continues by the use of land, river, and air routes to Brazil. The cocaine then arrives at primary Brazilian ports to be shipped to Europe and Asia.

In March of this 12 months, Brazil’s Federal Police and Federal Revenue performed two operations to dismantle felony organizations specialised in world drug trafficking between Brazil and Europe, from the port of Paranaguá, in Paraná.

The investigative paintings identified that cocaine used to be inserted by means of divers into the submerged compartment of ships or hidden in bins with out the exporter’s wisdom, hid within felony cargoes of products.

In the remaining week’s incident the Brazilian Federal Police discovered that two divers had positioned the cocaine on a boat crusing with the flag of the Marshall Islands, coming from Argentina, and which used to be destined exactly for the Port of Las Palmas in Spain. The vessel used to be in any case moored at a terminal within the port of Rio Grande.

With the strengthen of the Brazilian Navy, the drug used to be situated submerged, in a compartment of the send’s hull, under the waterline, technically referred to as a “sea box,” packed in baggage. An investigation is ongoing to check out and establish the ones concerned

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