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Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of all Ukrainians, I wish to thanks for this award. It is an even and right kind gesture to honor with this award all of the folks of Ukraine as a result of braveness is our nationwide trait of persona. Today the entire global witnesses this and recognize the heroism of Ukrainians.

At the similar time, I need it to not transform one thing atypical for everybody. And for this, we should say and understand that in the back of the braveness and knowledge of our folks, there are millions of actual tales, names, and heroic feats.

The global will have to find out about them and to have a transparent thought and figuring out in regards to the folks of Ukraine. First of all, we’re the country of the most productive defenders. These are our flooring forces, air and naval forces, airborne attack troops, particular operations forces, the National Guard, intelligence, border guards, and territorial protection warring parties.

This is Vitalii Skakun, who blew up a bridge sacrificing himself to forestall a column of Russian tanks.

This is 21-year-old lieutenant Vitalii Sapilo, who neutralized 30 devices of kit of the enemy and died from an air strike.

Serhiy Pantelyuk, who used to be injured whilst repelling the assault and died on the medical institution whilst his first daughter used to be being born.

These are the border guards of Zmiinyi Island, who weren’t frightened of the flagship of the Russian fleet – cruiser Moskva – and despatched a Russian send in a course that was world-famous.

These are the indomitable defenders of Mariupol and Azovstal, who’ve been protecting the road there for a number of months.

These are all our warring parties who died protecting Ukraine, therefore protecting Europe. I wish to ask you to honor their reminiscence with a second of silence.

Thank you.

The Ukrainian individuals are individuals who don’t spare themselves for the sake of others. This is fight medic Diana Kukurudziak, who pulled 16 wounded infantrymen off the battlefield in someday.

Paramedic Serhiy Chornobryvets in Mariupol, who has been on responsibility for 22 days because the starting of the conflict.

The Ukrainian individuals are a country of brave youngsters.

This is 11-year-old Maksym, who mentioned not anything to his mom, ran clear of house and got here to invite for permission to be part of territorial protection.

This is 7-year-old Varya from Kropyvnytskyi who gave her cash stored for a smartphone to shop for bulletproof vests, after which bought plants and drawings.

This is a 15-year-old lady from the Luhansk area who used to be using a automobile with shot legs and took out 4 wounded.

A fifteen-year-old boy who carried his wounded mom in his palms for three kilometers to the evacuation level.

Our individuals are additionally aged individuals who have skilled too many ordeals.

This is Borys Romanchenko, who handed in the course of the hell of Buchenwald and died on the age of 96, at house, all over the shelling of Kharkiv via the Russian Federation.

This is Vanda Obiedkova, who as a kid, hiding within the basement, survived the Holocaust and the Nazi profession of Mariupol, noticed the second one profession of the town in 2014, and the 3rd – this yr. At the age of 91, she needed to conceal within the basement once more, the place she died at the fortieth day of the conflict.

This is 87-year-old Halyna Kotubey from Mykolaiv area, who remained the one and ultimate resident of her village, however refused to depart.

The Ukrainian individuals are a country the place loads of hundreds struggle and thousands and thousands assist.

This is a industry that has shifted to the wishes of the rustic. Clothing designers stitch army uniforms, restaurateurs feed unfastened lunches, bakeries bake bread for IDPs and lonely folks.

This is a school professor who continues to lecture to his scholars within the trenches. A violinist enjoying for folks all over an air alarm in a bomb safe haven.

These are civilians of Ukrainian towns and villages, who was a residing wall at the method of the occupiers – preventing army machines and turning tanks in the wrong way.

These are population of Demydivka, who flooded their very own village to not let the occupier into Kyiv.

Those who in spite of threats, photographs and stun grenades cross to non violent rallies, reminding the occupants that that is Ukraine: Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Enerhodar, Mariupol and all different towns and villages of Ukraine occupied no longer for a very long time.

These are thousands and thousands of Ukrainians who are actually protecting their Homeland and the entire global.

Do no longer be afraid and are available to Ukraine. Hear hundreds of equivalent tales about us, Ukrainians. Look into their courageous eyes, shake their robust fingers, and you’re going to see that they’re doing all this no longer for glory, that they don’t need to most effective awards, but additionally concrete assist and give a boost to.

Weapons, apparatus, monetary give a boost to, sanctions on Russia, and crucial: the sensation that on this tricky battle they don’t seem to be on my own, that they’re supported via you, via the entire global – unfastened states and unfastened international locations of our planet.

Thank you!

Thank you to your consideration!

Thank you to your give a boost to!

Thank you for the award and welcome to Ukraine!

See the cope with and video at the professional presidential web site.

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