‘Stardew Valley’ Players Have Turned Grandpa Murder Into Art

Stardew Valley is an excellent second pixel artwork online game that dared to tackle Animal Crossing for the very aggressive crown of “most chill game ever made”. While the struggle is but to discover a victor, Stardew indisputably wins within the class of being to be had on anything else instead of a Nintendo console. Stardew Valley is without doubt one of the very best and maximum a hit Indie titles of all time, but it surely does not function a lot of a tale. It’s all about the primary personality taking good care of the farm they might simply inherited after the passing in their truly great grandfather. That’s very unhappy, so modders have determined to convey somewhat extra a laugh to it. And how would they do exactly that, our readers ask? Well, via growing trade demise eventualities for the deficient grandfather, however after all!


Canonical demise for reference and as a “do not continue” signal for many who do not need to see the sport’s lore getting tarnished via hilarity.

 One of those eventualities has gramps demise from what we think is a soda overdose.

Soda overdose gramps by Arcane


Very tragic, however a complete gamer™ technique to pass.

An much more tragic demise has gramps demise from a fall that reasons him to appear to be an subconscious personality from Family Guy

Family Guy death posture by BeepSignal


The fall itself is far much less tragic than the affiliation with Family Guy.

Some different trade deaths take a straight-up surreal flip.

be your own deathbed by Novamare


Not even “Elden Ring” options this many peculiar techniques to die.


And some others are very minimalistic, like 

empty bed by switchswatchh


Is he even useless? Wait, let’s have a look at what is beneath the mattress.

bedless gramps by Croey


-oh, he is useless, alright.

If the folks studying this are only a wholesome quantity of twisted, then giggling at this must be sufficient for them. If they are totally twisted, alternatively, we would like them to understand we completely inspire them to create their very own useless gramps state of affairs!

Top Image: ConcernedApe

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