Steph Curry Wants His Under Armour Shoes to Be Extra Squeaky

  • Steph Curry has an peculiar call for for Under Armour when they’re making him sneakers — they should be loud.
  • Curry’s sneakers should first move “the squeak test.”
  • Curry’s want for sneakers which are further squeaky serves a serve as because it provides him self assurance that they’re cheesy sufficient.

Stephen Curry took some social media flak previously for his sneakers, which, from time to time, had been thought to be uninteresting. Those giggles have died down with more moderen fashions, however something remains to be the similar: they’re loud.

Yes, loud. As in, the sneakers squeak loudly at the court docket, and that’s through design.

According to 2 individuals who paintings at Under Armour, the squeak is among the maximum necessary options for Curry.

Kort Neumann used to be the lead fashion designer for the Curry 3, and all through an interview with ThePostGame, he famous that Curry is closely concerned within the design of the sneakers and defined the issues that Curry calls for in his sneakers.

“He likes comfort,” Neumann instructed ThePostGame. “He loves the squeak of traction on the court. He really likes that squeak.”

Stephen Curry

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Likewise, Ron Johnson, a senior product line supervisor for basketball shoes at Under Armour, additionally famous in an interview with Complex simply how necessary the squeak is to Curry, noting that any shoe design has to move “the squeak test.”

“If he’s not hearing ‘squeak’ as soon as he steps on the court, it’s not good enough,” Johnson mentioned.

As for why the squeak is so an important to Curry, it does serve a serve as.

According to Neumann, “It’s kind of an indicator for him that [the shoe] sticks in the ground.”

For a participant who’s so depending on motion and developing pictures, it’s simple to believe why the tackiness can be treasured. And for Curry, the sound provides him that reassurance.

This tale used to be at the beginning posted in 2019 and has been up to date.

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