Sunken feeling for Russia’s Potemkin flagship Moskva

Last week’s sinking of the missile cruiser Moskva no longer simplest used to be a blow to Russia’s marketing campaign to overwhelm Ukrainian resistance; it additionally broken the wider Russian effort to flex spectacular army would possibly.

The Moskva – the title method Moscow in Russian – used to be intended to represent a complete rebirth of Russia’s army energy after years of decline. Embedded within the marketing campaign used to be an implied risk to its neighbors’ feeling of safety: You should take our pursuits severely.

Over 185 meters lengthy and supporting a tower adorned with the command bridge and an array of radar antennas, the Moskva reduce an impressive determine. Yet, in reality, the Moskva used to be a throwback. It used to be in-built 1979, a time when the Soviet army focused on the specter of nuclear assaults, no longer at the risk from pesky low-flying typical missiles.

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