Supreme Court Agrees To Hear The Case Of The Haunted Harbor

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WASHINGTON—Dimming the lighting and lighting fixtures candles earlier than oral arguments began, the U.S. Supreme Court reportedly agreed Monday to listen to the Case of the Haunted Harbor. “What happened down at the docks that grim October night has important implications for how this nation addresses mysterious happenings and events that defy ordinary explanation,” the courtroom said in a writ of certiorari ordering the First Circuit Court of Appeals to show over all the fabrics it had in terms of the unexplained sightings of spectral presences down on the quay on a nonetheless, moonlit evening. “This is a chilling tale of eerie precedent and peculiar legal maneuvering. What happened there in that desolate harbor? We know what the Federalist Papers have to say about a ship long believed sunk appearing in the distance with its lights on and sounds coming from it, yet when it is boarded the next morning the vessel looks like no one has set foot on it for decades. Still, ambiguities remain about the legal framework for addressing a shadow of a ghostly presence seen in a mirror that put an old fisherman into cardiac arrest from the shock. The outcome of the Haunted Harbor case not only has the potential to affect millions of Americans, both living and dead, but it could potentially call into question the previous ruling over the Case of the Missing Lighthouse.” At press time, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Elena Kagan had each recused themselves from listening to the Case of the Haunted Harbor as it sounded manner too spooky.

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