Tech’s New Big Idea: 14 Person Dystopian Living Pods

Much of the country is recently in a housing disaster, as someone who’s spotted the explosion of tents and makeshift shelters in massive towns. Rental costs could have dipped quite all through the pandemic, however now not just about sufficient. Meanwhile, firms like Blackrock are buying reasonably priced housing en masse and flipping it for an unneeded spice up to their already bulging wallet. This method the time is best possible, then, for some beaded-bracelet tech dickhead to get a hold of the capital letters Future Of Housing which is by some means worse than each choice that’s existed up to now.

The newest of those to rouse everybody’s brow vein jointly is Brownstone Shared Housing, which I don’t suppose is even a peculiar sufficient title to rely as a tech start-up. Tech start-ups want to have fast, snappy names that still serve the aim of being obscure sufficient to protect any complete wisdom of the way they in truth paintings. So what’s Brownstone’s large new concept? Well, first they hire a 3-bedroom condo in San Francisco. Then, they bring about in a contractor to construct what’s principally an enormous kindergarten school room cubby, however for other folks. Congratulations! Through the magic of disruptive pondering, this condo now homes 14 adults. Plus, the financial savings of dwelling in an upsized canine crate is handed directly to you, the place you simplest need to pay, uh, $800 a month in hire.

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Brownstone Shared Housing

They mentioned, with no shred of irony.

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