That Time A Dumb Media Company Tried To Sue The Pants Off Two Comedians

The lawsuit caught the attention of other funny people like Bobcat Goldthwait, David Cross, and Reggie Watts, all of whom lent their online support.  Pickett and Prueher needed the help–by their own admission, they were “going broke” defending themselves. But the thing that actually saved their comedy bacon was when Vice News decided to produce a story on their dilemma. 

Vice News

Nick Prueher gets dressed up all fancy for his deposition.

Vice, rightly, was positioning the story as a First Amendment battle, and a deliberately silly one at that.  It was the first instance that Vice could find where a media company attempted to retaliate against pranksters.

Things turned around when Vice reached out to Grey Television for comment on their story.  Several attempts to reach the company’s lawyers went unreturned. And then suddenly, the guys were offered a settlement.  Or, in the words of Pickett, “they caved.”

Nick and Joe were ecstatic, despite begrudgingly agreeing never to “use fake information to appear on a Gray television station again.”  

But, Joe points out, other news stations are still fair game. “I think specifically Sinclair,” he says, poking the notoriously conservative broadcast group and its large number of local television stations. 

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