The Creepy Robin Williams Storyline ‘Hook’ Glosses Over

We’re if truth be told speaking about Peter’s dating with “Granny Wendy,” which, as others have alluded to prior to now, is bizarre as hell. Wendy is his spouse Moira’s organic grandmother and the lady who took him in and organized for his adoption. But Peter doesn’t retain any recollections of his existence in Neverland, so even after his youngsters are kidnapped by means of any person actually named “Captain James Hook” amazingly Peter nonetheless doesn’t remember the fact that he’s Peter Pan. 

Peter best learns of his true identification from Wendy – at which level, issues take a flip …

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Yeah, this dialogue additionally contains the icky revelation that Peter’s aged relative is actually his ex-girlfriend. Wendy even confesses that she was once hoping that her immortal 13-year-old boyfriend would have proven as much as get a divorce her wedding ceremony. But, once more, Peter forgot all about this as a result of … magic? 

TriStar Pictures

TriStar Pictures

Also, probably some critical repression.

After listening to that he used to this point his grandmother-in-law, who was once it sounds as if trapped in a loveless marriage following their break-up, come what may Peter doesn’t spend the remainder of the film curled up in a ball at the ground of a depressing room. Even as soon as he regains his recollections and returns house, everybody remains to be extremely joyful about this entire association – even Moira who now has to reside with the information that her liked Granny and her husband completely had the hots for every different.

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