‘The Punisher’ Sam Abdulrahim’s threat to attackers after shooting

A former Mongols bikie has sent a chilling threat from his hospital bed after he was gunned down in a Melbourne shooting.

A former Mongols bikie has sent a chilling message to his attackers after he was brazenly shot multiple times in Melbourne’s north.

Suleiman “Sam” Abdulrahim, known as “The Punisher”, was gunned down by the occupants of a Mazda SUV while leaving his cousin’s funeral at Fawkner cemetery just before noon on Saturday.

Abdulrahim’s Mercedes 4WD was littered with bullets and he sustained life-threatening injuries, but the 32-year-old managed to drive himself to Fawkner police station to seek help.

Abdulrahim, who is now in a stable condition after undergoing two surgeries, posted a threatening picture from his hospital bed on Sunday of him sticking up his middle finger.

“Allah is bigger than all these flops, they’ll get there (sic) day,” the caption read.

An alarming image has also surfaced of Abdulrahim’s injuries following the shooting, with four gunshot wounds peppered across his tattooed chest.

It comes after an emotional mother and her young son recounted the harrowing moment when they were pulled into Melbourne’s latest bikie war.

Tash and her four-year-old son Vinny were carjacked at gunpoint by two masked men, believed to be the Mazda’s occupants, following the shooting.

The duo stole Tash’s Ford Territory SUV after crashing their Mazda into a fire hydrant on the corner of Sydney Rd, with one of the men holding a gun to her head while the other unbuckled her son.

“All I remember is a gun being pointed at my face and next thing I know I’m pulling my kid out of the car,” Tash told 7News.

“He told me to get out and that he wants my car and I just told him, ‘I’ve got a kid, I’ve got a kid’.

“‘Don’t hurt him’, that’s all I kept saying, ‘please don’t hurt him’.”

Tash said after she heard about the shooting she realised the two masked men would have likely shot her if she had resisted.

“Thinking back if I had hesitated, because he had just recently shot somebody … he wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot me,” she said.

The Ford was later found torched by police on Union St in Epping around 10pm on Saturday.

Vinny recounted how a gun was pointed at his mother’s head while they were being forced out of the car.

“The bad guy told mummy and me to get out,” he said.

“The bad man … he put a gun to mummy.”

Tash had a simple but emotional message to her two carjackers following the scarring ordeal.

“How could you do this to my kid,” she asked.

“To put him through what you put a four-year-old through is unforgivable. He’s going to have nightmares for pretty much the rest of his life.

“He doesn’t want to stay at home with me now because he doesn‘t feel safe. He’s just ruined our lives.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident and has footage or information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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