The Remarkable Story of the Carpet Cleaner Who Speaks 24 Languages Highlights a Key to Success

Living in a foreign country in Cyprus, I’ve spent the remaining 10 years looking to grasp Greek, with restricted luck. I will reserve a desk or chitchat with the cashier on the grocery retailer, however give me a nuanced newspaper article or inquire from me to write down an professional letter, and I’m misplaced. 

So consider my wonder (and frustration) when, like many others, I stumbled throughout Jessica Contrera’s superb profile of Vaughn Smith within the Washington Post just lately. From the outdoor, Smith turns out like a shy, commonplace man. He works at his brother’s carpet-cleaning trade outdoor Washington, D.C. and has earned no explicit awards or distinctions in his 46 years. 

An actual-life hyperpolyglot. 

But Smith has an ideal hidden talent–he can talk a minimum of 24 international languages, 8 fluently, and lots of extra some distance higher than I will talk Greek. And what a variety of languages, too: Smith is conversational in the entirety from the Native American tongue Salish to Bulgarian to the notoriously bizarre and hard Finnish. Even extra spectacular, he is picked up some of these languages now not thru extensive, formal find out about, however via placing out with local audio system, studying random books, and the usage of the app Duolingo. 

This, after all, makes me relatively ashamed of the tempo of my very own language finding out. But I do not really feel too unhealthy. Vaughn is obviously now not an ordinary man, and his items are inborn and bizarre. The skill to briefly pick out up Salish as an aspect pastime is obviously one thing you are born with or you are now not. (It’s not that i am.) 

Lessons for the remainder of us. 

But that does not make Smith simply an unique tale to wonder at after which overlook. Contrera’s smooth, complicated portrait of the how’s and why’s of Smith’s language finding out jogged my memory of all of the study on the advantages of finding out international languages and exposing your self to international cultures I’ve coated on this column over time. 

“By 14, Vaughn was living with his dad again, in a basement apartment in Tenleytown, not far from D.C.’s many embassies. He no longer needed to fear looking different than his classmates because the student body at Wilson High School included kids from around the world. Kids who spoke other languages,” Contrera writes, proceeding: 

“There was a clique of Brazilian students, so he started to learn Portuguese. He befriended a brother and sister who would write him lists of phrases in Romanian, and watch as Vaughn memorized them all. When he noticed a shy Ethiopian girl, he asked her to teach him Amharic.”

Smith’s skill to select up languages from informal social interplay is a testomony to his skillability. It’s additionally a real-life instance of one of the vital greatest, research-backed advantages of finding out international languages. It exposes us to cultures as opposed to our personal, broadening our considering and increasing the circle of our empathy and figuring out. 

This can occur on a word-by-word degree. Simply understanding international phrases for ideas that experience precise translations in English can come up with new tactics to grasp and deal with demanding situations. Exposing your self to different cultures extra deeply gives even better advantages. 

Research out of INSEAD, for instance, presentations so-called “global cosmopolitans,” or those that have spent vital time in a foreign country, are extra adaptable, inventive, and versatile of their considering. They additionally have a tendency to be speedy novices having the ability to perceive others’ views. (In my revel in, dwelling in a foreign country may be an regularly painful crash path in self-knowledge.) Companies will have to believe making particular efforts to rent them, the professor at the back of the study concluded. 

Another department of analysis presentations finding out a foriegn language, whether or not or now not you ever change into talented, let you assume extra rationally, in finding leading edge answers to issues, deal with the unpredictable, be extra empathetic, and most likely even sluggish mind growing older. Another find out about, that may be of explicit pastime to Inc. readers, discovered dwelling in a foreign country used to be tied to entrepreneurship. Certainly, immigrants are over-represented amongst each trade homeowners and most sensible executives

All of that is now not an issue for aiming to be the rest like the superb Vaughn Smith. That isn’t going to occur for almost all people. But it is a controversy for making room on your lifestyles for cross-cultural reviews of a wide variety. Maybe that is a Monday-night Spanish elegance. Maybe it is extra world commute. Maybe it is a shuttle to that new Japanese artwork showcase on the native museum, or placing out with new immigrant buddies. Maybe it is announcing sure to that international posting. 

Whatever means you in finding to revel in international languages or cultures, it is nearly positive to make you a better, extra empathetic, extra a professional, and extra a hit individual. 

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