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It is said that good things come to those who wait.

Beatriz Garcia wasn’t really waiting having left Spain and moved to Kenya for other engagements.

Then the stars aligned in her favour and she received a call in September 2020 that the job she had sought in 2016 was hers.

And what’s more? She would be working from Kenya, a country she now calls second home.

For a girl from Oviedo in northern Spain who grew up as a football fan, this was a dream come true.

Now as one of the 44 LaLiga Delegates around the world, it was time to engage her passion to the max.

As someone who has been following Beatriz’s work when an opportunity to talk to her about her passion arose, I jumped at it.

The morning skies are pregnant with rain when I enter ArtCaffe on Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi a few minutes shy of our appointed time.

Beatriz is seated in one of the humongous tables lining one wall of the expansive restaurant.

 In keeping with the times we do a fist pump as I take the seat opposite her. A waiter delivers Beatriz a concoction that I can’t quite tell as he takes my order.

The first thing that I notice about Beatriz is her effusive charm and a beauty that radiates both within and without.

 Any jitters I may have been harbouring quickly melt away with the first greeting.

 Ever the gracious host, the soft spoken lady sets you at ease before she starts unpacking everything LaLiga, reeling off stats after stats on what she considers to be the world’s greatest football league.

 After all, as LigaLiga Delegate for Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia, it is her job to fly the league’s flag high.

 Her job, she says,  is to take LaLiga to the grassroots, to connect with communities with the league and make the brand identifiable in the farthest reaches of East Africa.

 In a nutshell, Beatriz’s mission is to make LaLiga the second most followed league in the four countries after the local championships, and for a good reason.

 Their desire is to see football grow in the countries they operate in, especially in Africa. As such the delegates are not after global domination. They can be likened to deft undercover operatives gathering market intelligence and providing context on how LaLiga is followed across the world to their bosses in Madrid.

 They also help in developing digital strategy, sometimes posting in local languages on social media in a bid to grow their audience.

 If the job sounds fun, it is because it is.

 So far Beatriz has conducted 44 activations in Kenya, organizing coaching workshops in informal communities in Nairobi,  planned a football tournament here and there and even hosted a watch party.

 But more is yet to come. Beatriz and LaLiga have a lot more lined up in 2022 and beyond as they seek to deepen the interaction between one of the world’s best leagues and the East African people.

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