Toxic Fans Send Um… Eggplant Emojis To ‘God of War’ Devs

Fans got so mad it apparently threw them into a helicoptering frenzy after there were rumors that the release date would be announced on June 30th. That was never confirmed by the studio or developers. You’re a good looking, funny, intelligent Cracked reader so you already know this but… don’t trust internet rumors. Developer Santa Monica Studio responded on Twitter by also asking fans not to be toxic, which probably fixed everything. Good job problem solved. If that didn’t totally fix the problem, maybe this PSA will: Kratos would never want you to send an unasked for nude to someone would he? No. No he wouldn’t. Because Kratos is a grown ass god killing man who knows the value of consent.

For more god stuff, check out Getting To Believe In God Is The Ultimate Power Fantasy and why it’s great that the original God of War creator is out of the picture.

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