Troublemakers rejoice! You’re needed at the office  


Whenever a business experiences major public backlash to a decision, Luvvie Ajayi Jones always asks the same question: “Who was in that meeting who did not say something?” 

Ajayi Jones, founder and CEO of Chicago-based content strategy company Awe Luv Media, tells Inc. that whether it’s a marketing campaign that missed the mark or a failed product launch, chances are that a few people around a conference table (or on a Zoom call) thought it was a bad idea but didn’t raise their concerns with the rest of the team. 

This is why it’s good to hire people who may be seen as “professional troublemakers,” Ajayi Jones says. 

Most corporate missteps can be traced back to fear in the ranks of employees. Workers are often afraid to have honest, difficult conversations with their colleagues and managers because they don’t want to suffer if someone doesn’t like what they have to say.  

The best solution is to cultivate a team who feels comfortable challenging others and disrupting company protocol. 

Read the full story from Inc., in which Ajayi Jones details how to build a team with the strength to challenge business decisions. 

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