Trying Garlic Bread Using Different Famous Recipes

With simply 8 components, Ina Garten’s recipe used to be easy to begin.

Ina Garten

Ina Garten is understood for her Food Network TV sequence “Barefoot Contessa.”

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Ina Garten’s recipe is based totally on contemporary herbs and, after all, garlic. Most of the opposite components are kitchen staples, too, like olive oil, butter, salt, and pepper.

Garten’s recipe additionally requires ciabatta bread, then again, my native grocery retailer used to be contemporary out. Instead, I discovered telera rolls, which I assumed could be an identical sufficient — plus they had been a super measurement and form for absorbing the garlic and oil combination.

The procedure had a couple of extra steps than the opposite recipes, however it used to be nonetheless really easy.

Ina Garten ingredients 1

I assumed Ina Garten’s recipe used to be moderately simple to observe.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Garten’s garlic bread recipe required a meals processor and a few range time, however it used to be nonetheless extremely simple to make for a fast weeknight dinner.

First, I slathered part of the bread in butter. Then, I minced the garlic within the meals processor prior to including the contemporary herbs, salt, and pepper and pulsed simply sufficient to mix.

I heated the 1/2 cup of olive oil at the range, then added the garlic combination. However, I might counsel lowering the quantity of olive oil as a result of I stopped up with way over I wished for my bread.

I added this olive oil plus the garlic and herb combine to the opposite part of bread, sandwiched the items in combination, wrapped it in foil, and put the bread in a sizzling oven.

After 5 mins, I unfolded the foil and persisted to bake it exposed for 5 extra mins.

The bread used to be lovely scrumptious, however it might have baked for longer.

Ina Garten final 1

The bread wasn’t tremendous crispy.

Paige Bennett for Insider

When I pulled the bread out of the oven, I used to be pleasantly crushed with the odor of heat garlic bread and a touch of the aromatic parsley and oregano.

But after pulling aside the sandwiched bread, I used to be just a little disenchanted that it wasn’t golden brown and crispy. Instead, it used to be light at the inside of.

I took a hearty chunk and used to be happy with the flavour, however the texture neglected the mark for me. The bread used to be heat however now not toasty, and the garlic used to be nonetheless uncooked even after being at the range and within the oven. Additionally, I did not finally end up the usage of the entire olive oil, however by some means the top product used to be nonetheless just a little soggy.

I feel lowering the quantity of olive oil and cooking it open-faced would lead to a gorgeous best possible piece of garlic bread, particularly because of the colourful flavors from the contemporary herbs.

Guy Fieri’s garlic bread requires an intense quantity of butter.

guy fieri

Guy Fieri is well known for Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

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The very first thing I spotted about Guy Fieri’s recipe is the sheer quantity of butter — two sticks for one French baguette. I later discovered this quantity may simply and generously quilt a couple of loaves of bread.

I used to be additionally intrigued — and just a little frightened — through the other flavors, from parsley and scallions to parmesan and sizzling sauce.

I’ve examined lots of Fieri’s recipes and know he can actually convey the warmth, so I used to be hoping this garlic bread would not set my mouth on fireplace.

The procedure of creating Fieri’s garlic bread could not were more uncomplicated.

Guy Fieri ingredients 2

Guy Fieri’s recipe used to be tremendous simple.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Although the components had been somewhat extra complicated, the method used to be as simple as can also be. All I needed to do used to be throw the whole lot in a bowl and mix.

I then slathered the combination closely onto my baguette, however I used to be nonetheless left with a ton of the buttery topping.

Next, the bread went into the oven to broil. The recipe calls for 2 mins underneath the broiler, however I left mine in for 3 and a part mins — and may have most likely left it in for 4 — to get that great, toasty topping.

When I pulled the baguette from the oven, the items had been flippantly toasted but in addition oozing with bubbly butter. I was hoping they were not too soggy.

The texture of this garlic bread used to be spot-on.

Guy Fieri final 1

The texture used to be best possible and the flavour used to be just about there.

Paige Bennett for Insider

I could not ask for a extra best possible texture in my garlic bread. The external used to be great and crispy, and the interior used to be comfortable and chewy.

It in reality held up smartly to the butter and did not get soggy — but when I might’ve used the entire butter-and-garlic combination, the bread would were soaked and unappetizing.

I used to be fearful the flavors of the parmesan, sizzling sauce, scallions, and parsley would not paintings in combination, however they balanced each and every different properly. The sizzling sauce simply added the slightest kick, and it’s simple to customise the quantity of sizzling sauce if you happen to had been to desire a spicier garlic bread. 

My one grievance about Fieri’s recipe used to be that I may have executed with just a little extra garlic. 

Rachael Ray’s garlic bread required most commonly pantry staples.

rachael ray photo

Rachael Ray is a star chef and TV character.

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Rachael Ray’s garlic bread recipe requires handiest six components, and it does not require a selected bread — the recipe simply suggests the usage of a crusty one.

Aside from that, the recipe requires contemporary parsley, olive oil, butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese, maximum of which I already had in my kitchen.

Toasting the bread prior to including toppings is the transfer.

Rachael Ray ingredients 2

This recipe used to be the one person who referred to as for toasting the bread two times.

Paige Bennett for Insider

This recipe has you consuming garlic bread very quickly.

I particularly beloved that Ray had me put the bread underneath the broiler prior to including toppings to make sure it’s completely crispy.

The recipe stated to both microwave the butter, oil, and garlic for one minute or warmth them up in a skillet for a couple of mins. I opted for the previous (and faster) possibility.

Then, I added this garlic combination, cheese, and parsley to the golden-brown bread, and popped it again underneath the broiler for approximately a minute till the cheese and butter had been effervescent.

This garlic bread used to be unquestionably the crispiest.

Rachael Ray final 1

Rachael Ray’s garlic bread used to be further crispy.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Broiling the bread prior to including the toppings then broiling it once more after ensured it used to be very crispy, but the inner stayed great and chewy.

The quantity of butter and oil used to be additionally best possible — I used up each little bit of the garlic combination.

However, I want there have been somewhat salt and pepper added for just a little extra taste and, most significantly, I would really like the garlic to be cooked extra. I feel even a couple of mins in a skillet on top warmth would have given the garlic a greater taste as it simply tasted like uncooked garlic in this bread.

Still, the toastiness used to be best possible.

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