U.S. Navy Issues Thanks To Oceans For Their Assistance Winning WW2

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NORFOLK, VA—In a star-spangled rite honoring the numerous contributions of the our bodies of water to the Allied motive, the U.S. Navy issued formal thank you Monday to the oceans for his or her decisive help in successful World War II. “Without the tide that carried us into battle or the ocean depths to hide our submarines from German U-boats, we simply would not be standing here today,” mentioned Adm. Christopher Grady, vice president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his voice emerging as he tossed a number of handfuls of medals into the Chesapeake Bay for distribution to the arena’s oceans. “It was a thankless job providing the buoyancy that brought our boys to the beaches of Normandy or Iwo Jima, but the oceans never complained. In fact, in their darkest hours, our troops could often look down from their ships and smile at the Pacific Ocean’s uplifting surf. Sadly, many of the waves that crashed on German shores never made it back out to sea. For that, we give our appreciation to the oceans and salute their watery valor.” At press time, Grady had cued up the U.S. Navy Band to play “Anchors Aweigh” as sailors driven a monument devoted to the oceans out to sea.

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