Underfunded School Forced To Use Out-Of-Date History Books As Lunches

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DELHI, LA—Citing state price range cuts and rejected requests for federal assist, Delhi High School officers instructed newshounds Wednesday that the underfunded college now had no selection however to make use of out-of-date historical past books as lunches. “Unfortunately, our students will have to consume obsolete texts that were published as far back as the 1980s and lack the nourishment young minds need,” mentioned fundamental Maris Gourdine, gazing the books had been too previous to incorporate the previous part century of historical past, which training mavens agree is important for a correctly balanced nutrition. “These books are the only meal some of these kids will get all day, so not being able to provide important events like 9/11 and America electing its first Black president means they will have to go hungry. What’s more, a lot of our students won’t swallow the pages that tell them the Civil War was merely a dispute over states’ right, and I can’t say I blame them.” Gourdine added that there was once a surprising distinction between her college and the ones in predominantly white communities that now not best had new textbooks within the cafeteria, but in addition gave each and every pupil an iPad to devour.

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