US a ‘co-belligerent’ in Ukraine war, legal expert says

Conversations over the last week with present and previous US officers about whether or not, to their wisdom, there may be any actual debate within President Joe Biden’s management over the means it’s taking in Ukraine has produced simplest slight diversifications of the similar solution: “Not really.”

As of now, what the Biden coverage quantities to is a replay alongside the strains of president Franklin D Roosevelt’s coverage towards the warfare in Europe from 1939 to December 1941, right through which the USA used to be a co-belligerent all however in identify. 

In their public statements, Biden and his Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin appear intent on obfuscating the actual extent of American involvement. A tale within the defense-industry-sponsored Politico quoted unnamed US officers as pronouncing “military options in Ukraine aren’t on the table – echoing Biden’s repeated position of not wanting to spark World War III.”

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