US political candidate and ex-Army officer strips in racy burlesque video

A political candidate in the US has raised eyebrows after a video emerged of her performance in a raunchy burlesque show.

A political candidate in the US has raised eyebrows after a video emerged of her performance in a raunchy burlesque show.

Ex-Army officer Brittany Ramos DeBarros, a socialist looking to replace Republican Party Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, bared more than her soul at an anti-war burlesque show at a Brooklyn bar, video obtained by The Post shows.

“In Staten Island where you have a disproportionate number of police, corrections officers and other law enforcement personnel who have served in the armed forces, this burlesque making fun of the armed forces will not go over well,” Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran Democratic strategist, told The Post.

“In the era when Democrats are seen as disorderly and out of control, all this does it make it more difficult to elect Democrats.”

The wild evening took place at Starr Bar in Flatbush, during which the retired captain and Afghan war veteran stripped off her camouflage uniform to nothing but red lingerie, as she gyrated to Edwin Starr’s iconic protest song, War.

Three women in underwear thrusted and heaved against DeBarros during the December 2019 performance, where the now-candidate went by the stage name “Captain Unbecoming”.

After an extended twerk, she went fully topless — to the Disney tune “Let It Go”.

DeBarros, who deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, became a fierce critic of the conflict and claimed she was almost court-martialed for “posting facts” about the war while still in uniform.

“I was a captain in the army. I was deployed to Afghanistan. I was like, ‘This is bulls*t’,” she told the Brooklyn audience, adding that after her return to the US she became committed to “anti-war, anti-imperialist [and] anti-racist work.”

DeBarros posted video of the performance to her Instagram page, using the hashtag #dropbootiesnotbombs.

“When you see me pause and cover my face in the first video it’s because I’m actually overwhelmed with emotion and how liberating it felt to angrily tear that uniform off in front of an audience,” she wrote.

“I’m proud of this show and it still brings me so much joy to watch myself step into long undernourished pleasure and passion.”

DeBarros has raised more than $US350,000 since January, according to FEC records — the majority of it coming from out of state donors.

She is a card-carrying Democratic Socialist and wants to tap into the same energy which helped power Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman to their upset victories.

One of DeBarros’ fundraising appeals sparked backlash as she attempted to raise money after Hurricane Ida, citing the storm which left at least 13 New Yorkers dead as she pushed President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Still, the cash will likely make her a formidable challenger in the Democratic primary, where she will face the district’s former Representative Max Rose — also a military veteran and decorated first lieutenant.

DeBarros did not return a message seeing comment.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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