US-Taiwan trade deal talks defy China’s warning

The United States and Taiwan have announced they will begin trade deal negotiations this fall, the latest move to stoke Bejing’s ire after top-level US congressional visits to the self-governing island.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Thursday (August 18) that China has always been against any country negotiating economic and trade agreements of sovereign implication or official nature with Taiwan. Wang said the US should not repeat its “wrongdoing” and that China would act “resolutely” to defend its sovereignty and integrity.

Wang’s strongly worded comments came after the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced that the US and Taiwan had reached consensus on the negotiating mandate for the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade, which was first announced on June 1 this year. The first round of negotiations will take place early this fall.

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