WA Deputy Police Commissioner: I hope Cleo Smith can recover from trauma

WA Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch says you can only imagine the trauma such a small child like Cleo Smith will have after spending 18 days inside a stranger’s home – taken away from mum and dad.

Mr Blanch said it was important to uphold the integrity of the justice process and so remain tight-lipped on giving any specific details surrounding the investigation.

When asked if there were any signs of trauma the deputy commissioner refrained from giving specific details but said you can “only imagine” what she would’ve been through.

“Certainly we have already commented about her physical appearance – she seemed well when we first went there – we took her to hospital as a precaution, she was released from hospital,” he told Sky News Australia.

“But again, such a small child taken away from mum and dad 18 days in a strangers house – you can only imagine what might’ve gone on and what trauma she will have out of that and I hope she can recover.”

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