Weak G20 climate pledge doesn’t bode well for COP26

With few solid commitments made on climate change, the Group of Twenty Summit that just wrapped up in Rome lent little confidence to the high hopes placed on the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) now under way in Glasgow, Scotland. Neither an explicit commitment on countries’ carbon neutrality by 2050 nor a promise to end fossil-fuel subsidies was made, which had been placed high on the agenda of COP26.

Although the G20 leaders pledged to stop coal financing abroad before the end of this year, they failed to reach the same agreement on domestic production. That leaves the door open for continuing coal-fired production at home, especially for coal-reliant economies such as China and India.

Given that 82% of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions were generated by G20 countries as of 2020, the very weak consensus at the Rome summit clearly does not bode well for COP26 and, more important, the world’s action against climate change.

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