Wedding Planner Shares Trends That Will Be Popular + Unpopular in 2022

On the other hand, wedding vendors might be saying “no” more in 2022.

server pouring champagne into glasses

Wedding vendors are getting better than ever at communicating their own boundaries.


After two years of hardship, many wedding vendors have learned what they need in order to keep doing their jobs in a way that prioritizes their health, safety, and joy.

This is good news. Yay for humans taking care of themselves and their families! Unfortunately, couples aren’t always prepared for what this means for their wedding.

Expect to hear the word “no” more often and for your vendor team to be clearer and more direct about what they need in order to best serve you.

Challenge yourself not to take this as an insult but as a necessary conversation so that everyone — you, your partner, your guests, and your vendors — can enjoy your wedding.

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