What Your D&D Class Says About You: Dungeon Master, Fighter, Monk

The Good. You’re on no account lazy. You consider that what you need is achievable for those who paintings not easy sufficient for it. You’re good and your creativity makes others attracted to you, each in sport and IRL. But you already knew that. The Bad. When issues to your actual existence really feel out of keep an eye on, you occasionally retreat into part of your self and close down. You’re additionally susceptible to giant, emotional swings that make you’re feeling dysregulated and can also be tricky to navigate for the ones you’re just about. But you already knew that.




Delusions of grandeur? Maybe.

The Good. You don’t take your self too significantly. But, you progress in the course of the global with a core of self belief that makes others in an instant take a liking to you. While your D&D personality could also be an competitive blow-hard, you might by no means in truth get in an actual existence combat. If any person IRL tries to begin one thing, you normally can toss out a pair jokes and they’re a pal. The Bad. You would possibly not take your self significantly sufficient. The self belief you elevate would possibly not go away sufficient room so that you can read about and settle for your vulnerabilities. You have a tendency to comb off damaging feelings and let other folks break out with issues they will have to be referred to as out for.

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