Who are the ‘Island Boys’ and why were they booed at the Jake Paul fight?

The “Island Boys” walked into Jake Paul’s fight to boos and bottle throwing, but who are they and why does everyone hate them?

If you’re on TikTok or tuned in to watch the Jake Paul fight over the weekend, chances are you’ve at least caught a glimpse of the Island Boys. But who the hell are they and why was everyone booing and throwing drinks at them for simply turning up to the fight?

Short answer, they’re twin brothers who went viral on TikTok for a pretty terrible rap and seem to be famous simply for being hated so very much, by everyone. But let’s dig a little deeper.

The 20-year-old twins from Florida, Kodiyakredd (real name Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (real name Alex Venegas) made it big online after recording themselves in the pool singing their song, Island Boy. I’m going to be honest here, I’m quite confident that video didn’t go viral for being good.

Rather, it seems that their fame has more to do with how incredibly bad their rapping is, mixed with their look, which is obviously unique but simply trying way too hard. Please enjoy this video they shared after being asked to freestyle:

While Kodiyakredd (previously under the rap name Redd4x) has been in the music industry for about a year now, and the pair have previously collaborated on other songs to varying levels of success, it was really the Island Boy video that made them a viral sensation.

TikTok users were all attempting to imitate the look, lyrics and vibe of the twins.

Since then, nearly their entire TikTok video catalogue seems to be them replying to trolls from their comments — from whether their permanent diamond grills are real (apparently they are) to trying to claim that using barber’s chalk on a hairline is less odd than using white-out — which surely can’t be helping anyone’s perception that everybody hates them.

It seems that the pair come from a wealthy family, and grew up attending good schools, which makes many question their numerous claims of living the “thug life”.

They have both been in trouble with the law, however, claiming they were first arrested at 13, and several times since, for burglaries and robberies. So I guess that’s what they’re referring to.

Despite their family money, the twins have also made their own wealth — reportedly around $US100,000 (a little under $A140,000). This seems to be thanks to their TikTok fame, appearances on the celebrity app Cameo, and their YouTube channel (with just over 80,000 subscribers) where they post their music, and vlogs.

Recently, they went a little viral again for walking out of an interview for Logan Paul’s podcast after an interviewer suggested that if they failed at music they could at least sell all their jewellery, which the twins had just made a big deal of showing was all very real.

Then, over the weekend, they made headlines again after the crowd at Jake Paul’s boxing match. As they walked up to their ringside seats, the crowd had already started booing. Not long after, a few drinks got hurled (very accurately) in their direction.

They’re also often called out for cultural appropriation, so they’ve made it clear in several interviews that they’re of Cuban heritage. Of course, then they have songs like Wicked Way that drops a lot of N-bombs, which still seems like it’s inappropriate.

I think we can all agree they’re super annoying, and trying too hard — yet it seems like this is actually something they’re feeding into. Honestly, if that is their fame plan, then hats off to them (I guess) because it’s working.

I’ll let you make up your own mind about them as you watch the very odd official video for Island Boy.

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